Better grip
For more power and spin

The multifaceted design of Hesacore expands the contact surface between the hand and the handle. As a result, Hesacore generates between 8% and 14% more grip, depending on the overgrip used by the player. This means that the player can hold the handle with less effort and finger contraction, while the handle does not slip from the hand.

When hitting the ball, the contraction of hand muscles (especially the middle and ring fingers) is directly related to contractions also happening in the wrist and forearm. All this muscle activity affects the effectiveness of the shot, since a rigid and ripped movement would prevent the efficient transfer of energy to the ball.

Contrary to traditional grips, players who use Hesacore appreciate the fact that the handle does not slip from the hands. A better grip also relaxes and eases the muscles, from the hand all the way up to the forearm, contributing to a more fluid and harmonious swing.

The ball comes out of the racket controlled, heavier and faster.

More finger support
For more control

The 8 edges of the traditional handles do not allow a functional alignment with the hand, because they are not developed in harmony with the finger joints, nor do they give any lateral support to the fingers. This is an increasingly important aspect, especially with modern techniques of giving more spin to the ball.
In fact, the correct and efficient use of the bottom three fingers is essential to manage the swing of the racket, with the little finger representing the fulcrum around which the racket rotates. The index and thumb, on their part, are essential to control and speed up the rotation of the racket head, both in the forehand and in the backhand.

With Hesacore, the hand wraps the handle with an ideal grip.
Each of its hexagons has two edges parallel to each other, which coincide with the interphalangeal joints of the finger. Two of the other edges of the same hexagon lie parallel to the finger, supporting it laterally.

Forehand, Backhand, Back, Top, Slice, Kick, Eastern, Western, Semi-western, Continental …

With the Hesacore grip, the player gains an unprecedented control of the racket.

Less vibrations
To enjoy true comfort

The multifaceted design of Hesacore includes a series of hexagonal shaped concave surfaces in which the protrusions of the hand rest naturally. No illustration, photo or description can explain the level of comfort the hand feels when it wraps a handle with Hesacore. You just have to try it!

And yet, it is only during the game that the player experiences the real innovation Hesacore brings to the court. The hexagonal concave surfaces were intentionally designed to accommodate the bones of the hand. The metacarpal and interphalangeal bones of the thumb and index finger rest in the depressions of the handle, which drastically reduces the transmission of vibrations through the bony parts of the hand before they spread to the rest of the body.

The areas of high vibrational stress coincide with the contact points of the hand’s soft tissues which, according to numerous scientific studies, are the natural material that best absorbs vibrational energy.

This is how an enhanced player experience is born.