The first grip with a vision.

Ready for tomorrow's game.

Grip and overgrip are two fundamental constants for those who play with a racket, but they have never undergone substantial changes over time and have always maintained a universal shape, regardless of the handle and the grip.
The game is changing and we are changing for the game!

Comfort is everything.

To relieve the physical stress of hitting, many players reduce the stiffness of the racket; however, this generates less push on the ball.

Hesacore completely changes the point of view and focuses on the only existing point of contact between the athlete and the game, personalizing it: the grip.

In fact, in Hesacore philosophy, well-being is above everything else, the first aspect on which good performance and enjoyment are built.

Your ace: adaptability and efficiency.

We put the player in the center, in every movement, creating the perfect connection between game and health. Finally, with Hesacore, the hand wraps around the handle creating an ideal fit, not the other way around!

Thanks to its particular hexagonal design, you immediately notice a perceptible improvement, a tangible and surprising benefit regarding the most natural gesture of all, the grip, which Hesacore has been studied in detail to be able to adapt to everyone’s hand.

In the name of well-being, the person and the game.

The future awaits you.