Inside Hesacore.

Anatomy of the handle that did not exist.

How it all started.

Since 2015, the study of Hesacore has focused on the effects of ball impact. In fact, tight gripping is known to be one of the leading causes of wrist and elbow injuries due to the increased transmission of racket vibrations in post-swing phases. Studies and experiments immediately highlighted the enormous benefit obtained by relaxing the arm muscles when squeezing a handle that is more ergonomic than the traditional one, capable of guaranteeing greater hold to the hand with less effort.
That is why Hesacore has rethought the grip of the racket, imagining a design with more attention to the health of the athlete and ensuring, at the same time, efficiency and total effectiveness in hitting the ball.
An innovation that has a positive impact on the swing: the perfect adherence between Hesacore, hand and handle allow you to move quickly and firmly from tightening (before the shot), to releasing (during the shot), to retention (after the shot) during the game almost without feeling the impact.

Hesacore. The revolution is here.

During research studies to understand how to relieve the suffering of tennis players during the game, it soon became clear that the so-called “tennis elbow” or other types of injuries could not be prevented with a simple change of racket, string or size handle.

Hence the idea of a new accessory with an ad hoc design to place on the handle, which could provide more comfort, less discomfort for the muscles and bones, and above all that could increase performance by adapting to the palm of everyone’s hand.
Years of development and research has led to the final model, designed for all athletes, at all levels: Hesacore.

The science of hexagons.

After years of experiments and prototypes, Hesacore saw the light of day in 2016.
Its ergonomics is designed to adapt to any change of grip and racquet.

The hexagonal shape is a result of studies on the transmission of vibrations and friction: the perpendicular edges are inclined in relation to the longitudinal axis to support the shape of the hand, while the perforations provide more support to the bony parts and therefore greater comfort with a high grip.

Thanks to this innovative design and tests carried out with tennis players of various levels, from amateur to professional, Hesacore has obtained an international patent and is recognized as the first, unique and original grip of its kind.

The comfort cannot be explained. You have to experience it.