The Hesacore FAQ: find the answers to all your questions

What are the advantages of using Hesacore Grip?

Hesacore Grip reduces vibrations giving greater comfort, offers more support to the fingers by increasing control, and provides more friction by increasing power and spin.

In which sports can I use Hesacore Grip?

At the moment Hesacore is available for Tennis, Beach Tennis, Padel, Badminton, Pickleball and in general for all racket sports. However, versions of grip for all sports are being studied where it is necessary to increase the hold between the hand and the tool. If you want to keep up to date with Hesacore news, sign up for our newsletter.

Depending on the sport, are there different Hesacore Grips or are they all the same and I can use them indifferently in Tennis as in Padel, in Beach Tennis as in Pickleball?

Each Hesacore product is designed specifically for the sport in which it will be used, both in terms of shape and choice of material. We do not recommend put on a product not specifically designed for the sport in which it is intended to be used.

Can I use Hesacore Grip with any Padel racket or do I need to have a racket with specific characteristics?

Hesacore Tour Grip is compatible with all rackets on the market, relative to the sport in which each specific Grip was designed.

What Hesacore models exist (or how do I choose the model)?

There are two models of Grip: Hesacore Tour Grip is a grip made of soft anti-vibration material, with a comfortable feeling. It is primarily designed for intermediate to advanced level players. Hesacore Pro Grip is a grip made of rigid material, designed to offer a maximum performance and a very direct feeling with the tool. It is designed exclusively for high-level and professional players.

How do you put Hesacore Tour Grip and Hesacore Pro Grip on?

Tour Grip can be wrapped around on your own, the instructions can be found inside the package and you could, alternatively, consult the PDF or watch the video that explains how to do it. Pro Grip, on the other hand, must be put on by a specialized technician.T

How is Hesacore Grip held?

It is always important to grip the tool correctly, both to obtain maximum control and the best performance during competitive activity, and to avoid / minimize injuries to the limb. Watch the video to understand how.

Where can I buy Hesacore Grip?

From dealers in our international distribution network or in online shops. Look at the map here and find your nearest dealer. If there is no dealer in your area or you cannot find Hesacore online, contact our customer support and we will help you.
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I have seen other similar products, does Hesacore Grip get inspiration from an existing product? What makes it different from others?

Hesacore is the first and only patented grip, designed to give more hold to the fingers of the hand. Its design is the result of years of research and experimentation in sport, moreover it is 100% made in Italy manufactured with the highest quality materials. Its design is protected by an international patent. Any other grip on sale that replicates its qualities is an imitation and as such violates the patent.

Are there various sizes of Hesacore Grip depending on the size of my hand?

Yes, there are, Hesacore is available in three sizes: XS, S and M. The XS size is recommended for people with a small hand, especially women and children. Size S is suitable for players who are used to using only one overgrip over the traditional grip. Size M is recommended for those players who usually use two or more overgrips over the traditional grip. In any case, we suggest always using only one overgrip over Hesacore and choose the size according to the size of the hand.