The Break-Point
with the past and tradition.

Born from a need.

The development of the Hesacore Grip has involved all phases of the project, reinventing a product that had remained unchanged and substantially the same over the last hundred years.
Thanks to a careful and meticulous ergonomic and functional study, Hesacore is a grip intended to revolutionize the feeling with the racket forever!

Even the engineering of the product, which required hundreds of hours of research and development, led to a product with a secret material composition, which ensures lightness and absorption of vibrations!

The result is an exclusive material with a modern, captivating, distinctive design and, at the same time, a unique product, created with the main goal of being functional, rational, efficient.

Made for a better hold.

As with all innovations, Hesacore was born from an insight: those who play with a racket know that every shot is decisive, both for the game and for their well-being. Strong, precise, well-aimed hits can change the course of the game; on the other hand, the player must absorb violent impacts and continuous vibrations from the wrist to the arm, which can cause discomfort and joint injuries.
Increasing one’s performance by decreasing impact stress with the ball has always been the aim of amateurs and professionals on courts all over the world.

Hesacore is simply the form we have given to this natural need.

The hexagonal texture offers more support surface to the hand: the muscles and joints of the fingers fit comfortably in the grooves, tightening the grip without having to apply too much pressure.

Hesacore is made with durable and flexible materials, also capable of absorbing sweat and moisture. As a result, during the game, the racket does not slip off and remains firmly tightly clasped to the hand, even in extreme conditions.

Hesacore is made of a material with a polyhedral design and technical distinctiveness allowing for shock absorption and vibration damping due to continuous shots. A huge benefit for the player.

Comfort cannot be explained. It must be tried.