Hesacore is an innovative handle, designed with a hexagonal squared shape capable of fitting perfectly in the handle of the racket.
Its design has been ergonomically studied to ensure the most effective grip with the hand, greater power to hit the ball and total control in each phase of the game, relieving fatigue.

It is easily applied to the handle of any racket of various sports.

It adapts ergonomically to each grip thanks to its studied design.


It reduces vibrations as well as muscular fatigue and increasing comfort.

It's not what the racket can do best for you, but what you can do best with your racket


If you are looking for more ball speed and greater ability to generate rotation, Hesacore is the grip for you!


If you want more precision in your shots and greater consistency of performance, Hesacore is the grip for you!


If you want to prevent impact trauma and reduce muscle fatigue, Hesacore is the grip for you!